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Late night hike to see the meteor shower. #thisishowyoudie #yolo (at Mission Trails- The Grass Lands)

Some photos from my time in San Francisco :3



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I was tagged by @bern-ie

My Answers:

  1. What was your first/earliest impression of me? If you haven’t met me, what kind of person do you think I am? Holly shit you’re tall - oh hey you’re pretty cool and easy to talk to.
  2. Describe why your closest friend is your closest friend. No names or identifiers. This person has been the only one I can say has always met met half way. If I’ve ever needed someone to vent to or simply hit up to adventure, this would be the first person I’d think to hit up - and vice versa. Although we didn’t know each other as long as a lot of my other friends, we had an instant click and you’ve stayed a true friend since day one and are yet to do anything spiteful. You consider how I may feel in a situation and confirm I’m okay with whatever you think might be eery for me. You don’t close yourself off in a scenario where we disagree, and we actually try to see each other’s perspective. We come from a similar background and completely understand a lot of the issues I would find hard to explain to others. I can be my complete self around you and not fear you judging me. You also get my really awkward and weird humor. Hands down you make me feel at home and in comfort.
  3. Describe the last person you talked to. Try not to make them identifiable either. Kind hearted by nature, one of the most hardest working people I know, at times misunderstood - but not bittered by it, is someone I’m extremely fortunate to have crossed paths with.
  4. You’re having a shitty day. What can turn it around? A simple smile - cliche but true. I can at times feel a bit neglected so any act of kindness or even recognition goes a long way in my book. 
  5. What is a question you like to be asked? Or would like to be asked? Uhh… I guess people asking me about my aspirations are and about my background/upbringing. Aside from that I like being asked to help someone with something. I like feeling useful. 
  6. If you could actually answer the question, “How are you?” truthfully, without inhibition, and for however long you wanted to talk, what would you answer with? I am a bit scared to be honest. I really hope I can find my calling in life soon, I hope I can stay as motivated and productive as I keep telling myself I will be, I also hope to not let myself down or my loved ones down. Life has become so ever-changing, and at times I can get lost in that change.
  7. What would you want people to say about you in your funeral? Shit, a bit of a dark question. But uh, I would like to hear if I’ve impacted anyone’s life I guess? Though considering I’m dead I wouldn’t hear it…
  8. Describe one highlight from the past week of holidays (Christmas or New Years). My drive down to Baja California this New Years was quite nice. I left a bit later then usual, so I got to drive on this really nice side-road located on an eroded cliff. It looked really nice durring sunset, and once completely dark the stars where the most noticeable I’ve ever seen them due to the lack of light pollution in the area. I wish I had a camera on me - though my shitastic photography skills would fail to do it justice.
  9. Describe one memorable experience we have had together. If we haven’t had any, idk. You suck. Go to #10. Ummm, I guess going to my first fashion show? I arrived sunburned as hell, security gave me a wrist band for free drinks despite being under 21, photographers stopped us and set up their cameras again to get our picture, I got to know you a lot better and I got attacked by a homeless person on the way back. Funn~ (I was going to describe my first club…but that can be summed up in one word: Ken. x____x )
  10. If you have something to get off your chest, do it now. Mmmmmm, I’m glad I got to meet you up in NorCal. Although we didn’t meet up too many times, I had fun the few times we did. (Sappy.)
  11. What are 3 things that make you happy? Good food, exploring new places, and amazing company.

My questions:

To come when I’m not lazy…

Getting shitfaced the night before leaving San Francisco = worst idea ever. TIme to pack in 10 minutes or less ; A ;

Having my roommates gone makes me feel like I have the okay to camera whore.

By far my worst haircut ever….

First college pic! I love these guys :)

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Last San Diego day well spent!

The best friends a guy could ask for <3

Off to watch Wicked! :D

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